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Sarai: Go Away by wildspirt
Sarai: Go Away
 Introducing Sarai, my wolf fursona. This is normally the opposite of how she acts but right now, like me, she is broken and torn apart. Having given her heart to Hado. 
 I gave him everything that I could. My heart, love, and trust. But when he was broken he lashed out at me. Tearing himself away from me to try and save both of us pain. But it only caused us both pain. Now it hurts to see him. But what do you do when he is your only friend. I've lost my heart and there is no chance of getting it returned. The only way to move on and give away another heart is to clone what little I have left. A long process just so that I can foolishly give it away again. 
Can you hear?
The silent words I wish to say
The secrets to tell
The hushed words inside,
Saying 'I love you'

Can you hear?
The sobs from my hoarse throat
The cries from inside
The screams of pain
All caused by you.

Can you tell?
You cause me pain
Just by being around
So close but so far
Only to look not to touch

Can you see?
The pain in my eyes
The look of longing
Of wishing we were more
Once again

Instead you move on
Still a best friend
But the love gone
Taking your heart back
To give to another.
Not knowing, you still have mine

Can you hear?
The sobs 
The cries 
The screams
Words left unsaid
Hushed secrets

Can't you hear?
Can't you tell?
Can't you see?
That I love you.
Can you tell?
 When your heart has been stolen and not returned it leaves you empty, lost, sad. That is how I'm left after letting somone in. We're still friends but the love for him has not disappeared. My only hope of moving on is to attempt to clone the stolen heart. 
Heart ache

All of these things bottled up
Felt by the one that was hurt
Unable to let it out once again
But this time it was worse
Because unlike last time
She didn't have him
But the pain 
Wasn't from him
That was pain dealt with
A pain she had endured 

But this new pain
A sharper pain
Killing inside
Wasn't from him
But from the friend
The so called 'Best' friend
The one she needed there
The one that disappeared
Only to be found again
This time with him
Having pushed him away
From the one she called a friend
Only to take him herself
Her boyfriend, unsure
Knowing of it,
But not sure
What to do

Now she sat there
Trying to cry once again
The one she opened up to
Had turned her back on her
Separated the couple
She put together
So now, maybe
Just maybe
She will cry
To let it out
Let it go
To cry
Once done
She will retreat
Lock the doors
Hide the key
To her heart
Keep herself
From feeling this
This pain that numbs
Ever again because twice
Is more than enough
But she didn't learn
The first time around

Crying... Again
 So how I feel right now. The first poem, Crying was partly about me.Well this one is completely about me. I found out today that my ex-boyfriend went out with my best friend last Saturday, a week after we broke up. She was the one who put us together. I knew he was cheating on me or at least knew he had another girl lined up to take after we broke up. But I just didn't think.... I mean she is still with her BF and they've been on and off for years. This time it's like 8 months. We've been best friends for a couple of years. I should have seen it they both stopped talking to me about the same time and she would see him more than I saw him since he always hung out with her boyfriend. 

Sorry venting a little since I can't cry (at least not for emotions, well except for frustration/anger. I can cry for pain and frustration/anger). Then I can't talk about it to anyone the one I could betrayed me. As you can tell not quite thinking right. I'll fix this poem when my head is a little clearer like I did that last one. That one was actually written like 2 weeks ago. 

Chapter One

            The man walked over to the mirror in the bathroom and began peeling off the wax he had melted down and put on his cheeks. Immediately removing the high cheekbones, large nose, and the scar across his cheek. Afterwards he removed the makeup revealing his handsome face.

            The man removed his T-shirt flipping it so it was no longer inside out. Not that anyone noticed but it would help him. He changed his jeans to a dark blue pair and shoved his old ones inside his duffle bag. After splashing water in his face he looked at the mirror water still dripping from his face.

            This man, this thief, had a name, a life, a story. He wasn’t the cold ruthless thief everyone made him out to be. Stealing so that he could get rich, in fact he was once quite the opposite. But this man, Kyle as he was once known, was a victim of circumstance. Everything he loved was ripped away when he was a young boy.

            Kyle walked over to his bed and sat down. He very carefully tore off the paper to reveal the small box. When the box was open he carefully put his thick tanned fingers into the package. Feeling a cold hard metal underneath his fingers. As he pulled it out he looked at ring a beautiful hawk head sitting atop of the ring. Inside the bird’s beak was a small pink sapphire that glimmered in the light. Disappointment hit Kyle knowing this wasn’t what he was looking for. Only another piece to the puzzle. He looked down at the paper inside the box reading the coordinates.

            After a quick search on his laptop he quickly found a small town; Moose River in Maine. Kyle couldn’t help but groan it was almost a two day drive from where he was but it was his destination so he would leave in the morning. With that Kyle walked over and laid down falling asleep on his bed. Dreaming of changing his life forever.  

The Butterfly Necklace: Chapter 1
 Kind of a shorter chapter but that's okay. 
Just letting it out.

Something she needs to do but no longer has the ability to.
Instead she just sits there with all the emotion inside.
Building and building till she can't take it anymore.
But there is no release for this emotion.
Her only release is far away.
He is no where close
So she sits there
Trying to force the tears
But unable to get them to flow
Because of that she just remains there
Her mind lost in all of her bottled emotion
At least until she sees him again, well hopefully
Of course seeing him might only add to the horrible emotions
Because of everything that has happened to her
She might just loose him when she sees him
And that scares her, terrifies her
Because she's happy with him
The first time in a while
But not seeing him
Is almost as bad
Since it may only build
Up to actually loosing him
But what can she do?
With him so far away?
Without the ability to cry?
Unable to release this emotion?

Nothing but sit and wonder
She'll move on without him, always has
But he helps her with life right now
Takes away all her pain
Leaves it behind them
And right now
Her Life
Might take her down
If he is there to help her
She will stay standing 
But without
She may fall
And have no desire
To get back up
She might . . .
Stay down

 So this kind of relates to me but not completely. I wrote this a while ago and I'll probably revise it soon. I wrote it when everything that could go wrong when wrong. I had 3 18 hour days, school, tests, and trying to save a horse (which didn't work out)


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I love animals but my favorite are wolves and horses. I like to read stories. I am also writing some books and have been in a few school contests with somethings I have written. When I am finished I will post a link where you can buy my book(s) But I have to finish the books first.
 So I know that Stallion Races on facebook have been stealing art especially from Aomori. I have also found another artist (have not yet confirmed it was stolen waiting on reply) from noblestallion. So from the looks of it Stallion Races does very little of their own artwork. So if you get access to the Stallion Races legends take a snap shot of it and look around on deviantart for the owners. Because there is a high possibility that it was stolen. Ask the artist if you find it if they gave Stallion Races permission. Hopefully we can get word around and get them to stop. They also like to change the color of the horse to 'hide' the horse. 

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